5 Dragons Slot tips will apply to any form of gambling, furthermore here are our best Tips To Playing 5 Dragons Slot Online. Be it other slots or even table games. Over the years we have come up with a few tips to make your online casino slotting more enjoyable.

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Following these tips will make sure that you get paid when you win.  In addition you have a more enjoyable gambling time while playing 5 Dragons Slot and other online casino games. 5 Dragons Slot is a really fun slot machine with the potential for some giant wins, but please keep these tips in mind while playing.

Tips To Playing 5 Dragons Slot

This one is pretty self explanatory. Don't go losing the rent and food money. Play only what you can afford to lose on 5 Dragons Slot or any other slot machine like the ones found at Bovada Casino. Don't go on a bender and lose so much that you are pissed for a month. 5Dragons is supposed to be enjoyable.

Bet Relative To Your Bank Roll

Here's the situation, bet relative to your bankroll. If you deposit $100 don't go betting $10 a spin on 5 Dragons. You will lose very quickly. Be sure to start out with at least 100 bets to give you the best chance of a feature or bonus round and a big hit. ex deposit $100 and bet $1 per spin, if your bankroll hits $200 either cash out or go up to $2 a spin on 5 Dragons Slot.

Don't Be a Sore Loser Playing 5 Dragons Slot

If after you lose on 5 Dragons Slot you fly into a rage and get pissed off every time then don't play. Playing online casino slots is supposed to be fun and an enjoyable way to pass time. If it just pisses you off to lose sometimes then don't play.

Terms and Conditions

Always read them before taking a bonus at a US online casino that offers 5 Dragons Slot. Don't get screwed out of your winnings. Some important terms are max bet when using a bonus. Some casinos have a $5 max bet per spin on slots if you are playing on a bonus. Don't bet $10 then complain when you do not get paid. Remember casino's look for every excuse in the book to not pay you, don't give them a reason.

Higher RTP at 5 Dragons Slot

Yes you heard it right. The return to player on 5 Dragons Slot Machine is higher online then a land based casino. Remember online casinos do not have to pay rent, employees, and many other things land based casino's to pay. You will get more play time and bigger wins on the dragon machine. Remember online casinos are not located in the USA so their taxes are much lower.

Need Something Else

Do you need a new TV, or some new appliances, Then don't play 5 Dragons Slot online or in a land based casino. Always buy what you need first, then play with your extra fun money.

Don't Expect To Always Win Big

It does happen. People make there first deposit and get a Big win on 5 Dragons Slot. I can tell you about hundreds of our members who have made there first deposit and won. But for every BIG WINNER there are a few losers. Be happy with smaller wins. Deposit $100, get up to $200 or $300 and cash it out and go enjoy it. Playing 5 Dragons Slot is supposed to be fun, and this machine does pay out quite a bit.

Switch Games

If 5 Dragons Slot is not paying, go to a next one like Buffalo Deluxe Slot Machine. If you see a slot is dead in the first 250 spins, jump to a new one. Don't get stuck on a cold slot. Even if you love 5 Dragons Slot, when it does not want to pay you can not make it pay.

Where to Play 5 Dragons Slot Online

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Superior Casino97.9%$26 (World Wide)Play 5 Dragons Now
SlotsPlus95.4%$25 (World Wide)Play 5 Dragons Now
Slots.Lv99.8$22 (USA Only)Play 5 Dragons Now