Today’s online slot games like Five Dragons Slot are so much like live casino slots, most gamblers don't know that you can Playing Five Dragons Slot Online. A person now has to look around the room to make sure they’re playing in the comfort of their home. Online slot action has a few advantages over live games. The only advantage that live casino slots like Five Dragons Slot have over online ones is the exciting setting of the casino itself.

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But we don’t all live in Vegas. Where we can choose from a wide array of slot games to play at our leisure. So many gamblers  play online slots simply because it’s the only action they can get right now. Plus playing 5 Dragons Slot on your couch in your underwear is more fun. Check it out here.

Playing Five Dragons Slot Online

One of the advantages of playing 5 Dragons Slot online is that they almost always pay out at a higher percentage. Some live casino slots games have poor payout percentages. Some as low as 80% or worse. Any online slot game that you play in any reputable online casino will have a payout percentage of over 97%. You do not have to search out the better odds games online because they’re all paying out at a good percentage. 5 Dragons Slot is set at 98.8% online.

Play 5 Dragons Online

The best part about playing Five Dragons Slot is that they never run out of machines. Furthermore in a live casino the Five Dragons Slot could be taken by other players. In addition Live Casinos have a limited amount of slot machines. Online at casinos like Bovada, the slots are endless and could handle a thousand players all playing on a different machine.

Where to Play 5 Dragons Slot Online

CasinoCasino RatingFree Signup AmountPlay Now
Bovada98.4%$10 ( US Players Only)Play 5 Dragons Now
Superior Casino97.9%$26 (World Wide)Play 5 Dragons Now
SlotsPlus95.4%$25 (World Wide)Play 5 Dragons Now
Slots.Lv99.8$22 (USA Only)Play 5 Dragons Now

In addition  if you get sick of playing 5 Dragons Slot the selection of other slot games online is wider than at your average live casino. Switching to another game is done instantly. Not having to cash out a ticket and visit the cashier before buying in somewhere else.