The 5 Dragons Slot Machine is one of leading slot maker Aristocrat’s most successful and best loved slot machines of all time. There are quite a few Asian themed slot machines out there. This is definitely one of the better ones. The success 5Dragons has had over the years has shown.

With 5 Dragons Slot machine , it all starts with the graphics. This is a beautiful game to play visually. The Japanese music that accompanies the 5Dragons game play adds to the appeal and feel of the experience. You can play 5 Dragons Slot machine at most Online Casinos. Click Here For Our Choice.

5 Dragons Slot machine features Aristocrat’s Reel Power. This offers up to 243 ways to win. Reel Power is one of the best features of 5 Dragons Slot Machine and a big reason why Aristocrat’s slots are so popular around the world.

5 Dragons Slot Machine

Reel Power  allows you to win multiple times with what would normally be a single payout. For instance if you have 5 symbols left to right and also have a wild symbol, you win twice instead of once. The wild symbol will in this case provide an additional win for you like on 5 Dragons Slot Machine.

5 Dragons Slot Machine Symbols

The Dragon is the central symbol in this slot game. You may have guessed  it also features several other Asian themed symbols such as lions, turtles, koi, goldfish, gold coins, red packets. In addition to the usual 9 to ace card values. These are also prominent in other Aristocrat slots like the ones found at SlotsPlus

Gamblers first choose how much they want to bet per credit on 5 Dragons Slot machine. You can start at 1 cent per credit and going up to $5 per credit on most online casinos offering 5 Dragons Slot machine. Spins require a minimum of 25 credits. Players can choose to bet an extra 5 credits. This is an extra bonus bet, for the opportunity to get 5 extra spins in the feature bonus round.

In other words players can bet as little as 25 cents per spin, at 1 cent per credit. You can also go as high as you like. The way 5 Dragons Slot Machine is set up, it is clearly to the player’s advantage to always use the extra bonus bet. This is regardless of bet size and go for the extra free spins, due to the higher payout that is gained by doing so.

The Bonus Round

The bonus round is triggered by the appearance of  a gold coin on the first 3 reels or 4 or 5 from left to right. After hitting the feature trigger this then allows the player to select from 5 different options for the free spin round. You can go with either more spins or a higher multiplier. Did you know you can use our Bovada Casino Bonus Codes to increase your starting bankroll.

In 5 Dragons Slot Machine its up to you. What will you choose.

In the Bonus Round you get to choose how many spins you want and the amount of the Multiplier. Will you be brave and choose 10 spins with up to a 30 time multiplier? Or go for the smaller win with 20 spins with up to 5 times? I always choose the largest multiplier when playing 5 Dragons Slot Machine.

Most of the excitement of Aristocrat’s slots is to be found in the bonus round. This is the case with 5 Dragons Slot Machine as well. The wins you get during regular play are nice, but things get a whole lot nicer when you hit in the bonus round with free spins on 5 Dragons Slot Machine.

In all cases, you get 5 extra free spins added if you have been using the extra bonus bet. The bonus round where the real money is made. This make sense from a payout perspective as we’ve said, it also makes the free spin round much more exciting.

You can also re trigger the bonus round with the scatter symbols during a current free spin round. In that case, players will be presented with the same options to choose from during this next bonus round on 5 Dragons Slot Machine, and the fun and excitement then starts anew.

Extra Bonus Bet

With the extra bonus bet in place, going for the 10 free games with the highest multiplier makes the most sense. You are going for the biggest wins and payouts on 5 Dragons Slot, even though this will shorten the duration of your bonus round play. This selection allows for both a good amount of spins. In addition to a  big multiplier and therefore is a good choice. Although you can pick any option you wish.

If you get a red packet on reel 1 and 5 during the bonus round, this pays an additional multiplier of anywhere from 2x to 50x, which can really have you hitting some big payouts on 5 Dragons Slot Machine.

Wild Symbols

There is also a wild symbol, the green dragon, which only appears on reel 2,3 or 4. The wild functions as a normal wild symbol during regular play. It also serves as a multiplier during the bonus round, of between 2x-30x. The wild symbol substitutes for everything except the scatter coins.

Where to Play 5 Dragons Slot Online

CasinoCasino RatingFree Signup AmountPlay Now
Bovada98.4%$10 ( US Players Only)Play 5 Dragons Now
Superior Casino97.9%$26 (World Wide)Play 5 Dragons Now
SlotsPlus95.4%$25 (World Wide)Play 5 Dragons Now
Slots.Lv99.8$22 (USA Only)Play 5 Dragons Now

So it’s easy to see that this is really a slot game that is focused on the free spins round. Almost all of the potential of this game is to be found in this round. The rest of the time you’re just biding your time waiting to trigger it. Once you do trigger the bonus round look out. There are multipliers galore in the bonus round. This really is what can make the game so much fun. When you do put a few of these together, you can really watch the credits rack up.

More Versions of 5 Dragons Slot

Aristocrat also offers a second version of this game, called 5 Dragons Deluxe, which is very similar. The new version adds increased volatility options. In addition to a mystery selection to add the possibility for even bigger wins. Both of these versions are well worth playing though.

5 Dragons Slot Machine is available both in live casinos and on online now as well.  We recommend playing at Bovada. Be sure to get our Bovada Bonus Code before signup. It really is one of the most fun slots of all time to play. 5 Dragons has been around for awhile now and while there are newer slots, this one is just so well thought out and designed that it remains a favorite to this day. Once you’ve played it, it’s not hard to see why.